Shock Market / Pasar Kaget

Every Tuesday night, the shock market is held near my place. The atmosphere crowded by adults and children. Lots vendors selling foods, drinks, toys, etc.. I had bought the spicy green mussels for snacks, also toge goreng (aka fried beansprout) for dinner. For something I rarely eat, it taste yummy. The price is not so cheap but ok.

Because I lived here, I can walk to the shock market. If we riding a motorcycle and parking around the market, we have to pay to the unofficial guard (preman) whom owning these marketplace. For me, it’s like giving money to people who did not work hard. I was unwilling to do so. It’s okay to walk a few minutes to save money.

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Where I Shop? (Get It Before Eid)

There are things I need to announce here. First of all, I am not a rich kid. The second is I (used to) worked as staff at the company. So do not imagine I am easy to spending money.

But as a girl who love be inspired by fashion and try to look good among her friends, I do shopping. Most of my clothing are discounted item. Yes, I love discount although I don’t really like bargaining with sellers. I am not ashamed to walk directly to discount area. Which is arranged in a rack in the middle of the room, and usually messy.

I have trust issues with price tag at the Mall. I think the normal price at Mall has doubled or tripled from the original prices. That is why they can sell item with up to 70% discount.

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No Title.

The most beautiful makeup of woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. – Yves Saint Laurent

Nemu quote ini dari instagram. Betapa mengena di kehidupan gue karena saat ini pun lagi mencari apa passion gue. Terkadang inginnya terjun ke hal kreatif, tapi juga penasaran dengan bisnis. Apa gue jadiin satu aja ya..

Sekilas membaca posting blog lama, sepertinya gue tertarik dengan membuat perhiasan dan pakaian yaa. Apa musti gue coba cari info untuk kursusnya?

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