As long as I remember, the little me inside never settle to one solid ground. What caused? The answer is I put my serenity about how cool my friends is. Depend my life and my existence with what group of friends that I should belong. Never repeat my mistake, people. That is the most fragile ground. Friends could come and go, so do you.

If you do not satisfied with your life, it is not your peer fault. It is yours. They have insecurities like you. So it is  your parent fault? No, guys. It fully yours. Do not expect them to be container that holds all your fault. Just fix your heart and soul.

I am not trying to be religious person here, but we do moved by God’s hand. The peer pressure, lack of parental knowledge, school, break up, getting money, etc.. Everything we have been through is a lesson. Like you already know, my parent has passed away and now I am striving to find a new job. This is an ordeal for me. But in this condition, made me realize something. I ain’t need cool friends. I need a caring and helpful friends.

At the end of the day, it is you who can move the mountain or dive the deep blue sea. Still angry with your life? change your habit!


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