Every Tuesday night, the shock market is held near my place. The atmosphere crowded by adults and children. Lots vendors selling foods, drinks, toys, etc.. I had bought the spicy green mussels for snacks, also toge goreng (aka fried beansprout) for dinner. For something I rarely eat, it taste yummy. The price is not so cheap but ok.

Because I lived here, I can walk to the shock market. If we riding a motorcycle and parking around the market, we have to pay to the unofficial guard (preman) whom owning these marketplace. For me, it’s like giving money to people who did not work hard. I was unwilling to do so. It’s okay to walk a few minutes to save money.

Then why it have to be named shock market? It is scary or what? Hahahaha. The term of shock market because they pop up at the empty area with no publication. Suddenly many vendors gather around to sell something. Shocking for everyone who did not know earlier, got it? Some marketplace took regular schedule, like near my place. The time can be in the morning, or night. I’m not sure about this, but I think shock market arranged by people who can see the potential. The sellers itself usually moving from one marketplace to another marketplace. They were actually traders but do not have a shop.

Because it held in the open air area, rain is not a friend. When it rains, the market is become slack of buyers. I don’t wanna get soaked as well. Also the noise can irritated for those who living very nearby. Although shock market tend to crowded but not everyone gonna buy something. Sometimes they just look around or enjoying the view.

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