There are things I need to announce here. First of all, I am not a rich kid. The second is I (used to) worked as staff at the company. So do not imagine I am easy to spending money.

But as a girl who love be inspired by fashion and try to look good among her friends, I do shopping. Most of my clothing are discounted item. Yes, I love discount although I don’t really like bargaining with sellers. I am not ashamed to walk directly to discount area. Which is arranged in a rack in the middle of the room, and usually messy.

I have trust issues with price tag at the Mall. I think the normal price at Mall has doubled or tripled from the original prices. That is why they can sell item with up to 70% discount.

In the early years of work, I have been shopping at Ramayana. Located at Ciputat so I can go there in just a minutes. Maybe lot of people think this is the lower class store, but I don’t mind. All I need is a good eye to pick stuffs. And I come on Saturday, which the discount rack is start to display.

As time goes on also mingle with my friends, they introduced me to The Executive. I fall in love with their cutting. Surely this store sell something related to office attire, but I believed good clothes would suitable to every occasion. I could wear the same clothes for the office and the wedding reception, with effort of mix and match of course. My suggestion is walk straight to the discount rack, because their normal price is just too much (at least for me).

Because of the technology growth, online shopping is also increasingly widespread. I do it through Zalora. Same principles I do when shopping, good item would go everywhere. Aaand good price make me happy. Discount voucher is a must.

Now you know my go to store or brand. I’m not shop just in these store, few other already in my favorite list.

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