I’m little tired for making new resolution. Because i still didn’t achieve my last goal. Haha. Apa tuh? Whatelse sih.. Menurunkan berat badan sigh.

In 2012, i want to reduce the number into sekian-sekian kg. Emang sekarang berapa? Rahasia lah yau..

Okay, enough.

What i’ve done in 2011?

  • Moving into the new office. Twice! Hehe..

  • Jadi anak kost. Akhirnya ngerasain dukanya anak kost. Hiks :'(.

  • Treat my close friends at mall Living World. Because they give me present, a beautiful bag.

  • Treat my officemate. Twice! As I moved two times in one year. At the end of the working day, I treat them.

  • Being treated by my first office at Talaga Sampireun resto. Very nice view, especially at night.

  • Dapet cokelat luar negri dari bos kantor nomor dua.

  • Ditraktir makan di warung Bebek Bejo Tebet, dan Pizza Hut by my current boss.

  • Solo trip to Solo! Nginep di kostan temen deket. Hehe menyenangkan deh.

  • Buying new camera digital. Buat foto-foto pas di Solo itu.

  • Buying new phone. Still amaze by the handsomeness of Samsung galaxy SII. Hahaha call me freak if you want.

  • Buying new laptop. The old one is broken for a very long time.

  • Buying some novels. Bener-bener memenuhi dahaga gue akan cerita fiksi, yang udah lama gak gue baca.

  • Checking my bloodpreasure. The result is bad :-(. The cholesterol, uric acid and bloodsugar level is high.

  • Diangkat menjadi QA Lead untuk loan project Permatabank, tanpa tambahan upah. sigh Untung udah keluar. Hahaha.

  • Gives my mom a surprise cake.


Ha.. No achievement? No contribution? Menyedihkan man.. Tahun 2012 gue akan achieve something. Semoga. Aamiin.

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